Why Stronger Visuals Help You Sell More Stuff

Are you looking to capitalize on what is becoming a known fact – strong visuals help sell product and the stories around them. This fact was addressed most recently in a SteelHouse study that found Pinterest users were 79% MORE LIKELY to purchase a product they saw pinned on Pinterest versus Facebook.

A recent Shopify study found that the average e-commerce cart size of a Pinterest user was double that of a Facebook users ($80 vs. $40). Likewise, pins with prices are 36% more likely to pick up likes than pins without. Don’t panic – this does not mean Facebook users are not going to buy your stuff; in fact, according to the study they are more likely to …

Visuals tell a story about your product, and the more inviting and exciting they are the more likely consumers will be to click on through and do something about it. As you’re planning the creative elements for your social efforts, considering the following … (see the article)

Article: “Why Stronger Visuals Help You Sell More Stuff

This article is by Daniel Lemin on the Convince & Convert blog