Companies Acquire New Customers on Facebook more than any other Social Media channel: Report

“The latest report on the State of Inbound Marketing in 2013 confirms the growing importance of social media in B2B lead generation and inbound marketing.

It is no surprise that the survey found traditional outbound interruption marketing continues to struggle as spam filters, do not call lists and other tools filter out these methods and their reach. It reports that only 22% of all leads came from traditional methods in 2013.

Whereas 17% of marketers report that traditional marketing has become less important, 21% of marketers report that social media has become more important over the past 6 months. The research below shows that inbound marketing dominates lead sources, with social media and SEO driving the highest level of leads with each driving 14% of all leads (28% combined).”

This article contains a variety comparison charts.

Article: “Survey Finds Social Media and SEO Drive Inbound Marketing

This article is by Steve Rayson on the Social Media Today blog.