Building a Social Business That Won’t Fail

“Today, many businesses have decided that becoming a social business is the path for them to secure their future and to respond to an ever-shifting marketplace that is increasingly driven by the social web.

There are many definitions of social business, but they all center around a few key concepts. Making decisions faster and more fluidly, with more information and intelligence to hand that is shared with less friction, and with people at all levels of the organization engaged in the purpose.

It’s become commonplace for the terms social media and social business to be used interchangeably, effectively stating that a social business is, by definition, one that engages in social media activity through content creation and online engagement.

Social media marketing is an activity, and an important one in a modern age. But it’s not the same as social business.

The absolute foundation of a social business is…”

Article: “Building a Social Business That Won’t Fail

This article is by Amber Naslund of SideraWorks.