5 Qualities of an Irresistible Facebook Strategy

Irresistible Facebook StrategiesHaving a company Facebook page is more than posting sales or in-store specials. Though your customers are interested in these store events, they use Facebook to communicate their happiness and grievances with your services or products. This gives you an opportunity to correspond with them, to fix any issues, or to say thank you for a good review.

71% of customers who experience positive social care (i.e. a quick and effective brand response) are likely to recommend that brand to others; with 77% of consumers being more likely to buy a new product when learning about it from friends or family. This is a huge group of people you could be missing out on if you are not effectively managing your Facebook page.

For more tips on making your Facebook page stand out read: 5 Qualities of an Irresistible Facebook Strategy by Andrew Wollenberg, IMPACT Branding & Design.