5 Content Marketing Assets You Forgot You Had

It’s usually a look of pure terror.

I’m sitting across the desk from a professional and confident marketing executive. We’ve discussed the benefits of social business. He is on board with making the changes needed to create a culture that embraces customer collaboration and is ready to get started, but we have one thing left to cover…his content marketing plan.

Specifically, how to produce interesting content and how to publish it on a regular basis.

That’s where that look of terror comes in.

He fears that his business doesn’t have anything to say that would interest consumers. His fear deepens when he realizes the need to publish relevant content on a regular basis.

Fortunately, producing amazing content marketing isn’t as daunting as many think.

In fact, most businesses are sitting on a treasure trove of entertaining and relevant content that their prospects and customers would love.

Here are five places to look…

Article: 5 Content Marketing Assets You Forgot You Had

This article is a guest post by Stanford Smith, of the Pushing Social blog, published on the Convince & Convert blog.