26 Creative Ways to Publish Social Media Updates

Social Media Updates Creating original and eye catching content for your social media accounts can feel like a full time job for some businesses. Like you, we are always on the search for new and interesting ideas for our social media updates.

Using company milestones, giving  recommendations and creating weekly themed posts are just some of the 26 creative ways to publish social media updates that you can find in the article link below.

We would also suggest using sales and promotions sparingly, 20% of the time, and concentrating the other 80% of your time on providing your followers with new ideas and updates that mark you as an expert in your field.  This all begins by being an active listener to what is going on in the news, both industry related and world related.

Article: 26 Creative Ways to Publish Social Media Updates

Article written by Ali Luke,  for social media examiner website.