Answer: How to Add Blog or RSS Feed to Facebook Pages (not FB Notes)

In an earlier post, I asked if anyone knew of a reliable way to have your blog articles automatically posted to your Facebook Page wall, without using Facebook’s built-in Notes Import function (which no longer works reliably or at all for many Pages).

We then stumbled across a Facebook app called “RSS Graffiti”.

RSS Graffiti can be configured to handle any number of blog RSS feeds and any number of output Facebook Pages, in any combination, including optional Twitter integrated if needed. It also supports filtering and excerpt augmentation with prefix/suffix text if desired, and other options such as flood controls (only N new articles posted per wake-up, and setting the wake-up frequency) and URL shortening/logging using your specified API key(s).

These options can be configured per Facebook Page, so you can have different RSS feeds and different filtering, frequency and other options specified per Page.

We have been able to configure a number of our blogs and associated Pages, plus many client blogs and their Pages, all within the one handy RSS Graffiti control panel.

Thus far, we appear to have found a good solution to this issue and are very happy with our experience with RSS Graffiti to date.