Your Social Media Disaster Kit

Link: Your Social Media Disaster Kit

“Brand meltdowns are as old as brands. In the past, we called them public relations disasters — usually because the brand had somehow become ensnared in an epic controversy that would require the entire might of the PR department to spin like mad before the bad news swallowed the brand’s message, equity, and just about anything else the marketing team had spent years building.”

“The fight to get your message out and protect your brand will be waged first and foremost on Facebook, Twitter, and your company’s blog. It’s now 2010, and we’re beyond the point of debating whether or not brands should have a social media presence. Customers already answered that question in the affirmative. The question today is how do you use that social media presence when disaster strikes? It’s a question we put to several social media experts.”

by Michael Estrin on iMedia Connection