The Power of Mobile

“With the Internet in your pocket, at almost anytime in darn near any location, you can summon information to settle a debate or sports bar argument in a moment’s notice. In those same moments, you can chase down friends’ whereabouts and monitor your finances during an office meeting. Heck, maybe you’re reading this while your spouse is telling you…uh-oh.

All of the above you could have made happen with a computer. But now, with that “smart” device you call a “phone”, you can send a message to your wife, your boss and your friends that only they and no one else may ever have the ability to see. Your photos can solve crimes and break a national news story. Perhaps you’re among the many who pay a credit card bill without ever making a call, opening an app or using the browser. Only your mobile phone can do that.

With mobile, businesses can now…” (see the article)

Article: “The Power of Mobile

This article is by Tim Hayden of Edelman Digital, a guest post on the Convince & Convert blog.