Online Video Placement Best Practices

“Today there are more than 300 million websites on the internet fighting for consumers’ attention. Driving customers to your site with online ads, email, and social media is one thing; keeping them there is another, and generating multiple visits is the ultimate challenge of a customer-focused strategy. So, how do you drive a visitor to your site and keep him loyal to your brand? Create content that is relevant, informative, and strategically placed.

After you attract visitors to your site, you need to grab their attention — quickly. Visitors have short attention spans, so relevant, real-time content makes the difference between a consumer leaving within seconds and staying on your site to place a purchase. Video is a great way to provide consumers with the content they demand. With smart video technology, online brands can create engaging videos that provide each consumer with a personalized experience. Videos maximize the experience with your brand, leading to increased sales and brand loyalty. However, in order to take full advantage of videos, consumers need the ability to see information with little effort. Placement of a video is just as critical as its content.

The following are video placement best practices…”

Article: “A manual for effective online video placement

This article is by Amit Levran on the iMediaConnect blog.