Why Should Small Businesses Tweet?

“A long time ago, I wrote a column for USA TODAY that essentially told small businesses to ignore Twitter. Not a few people damned me for my ignorance. I learned that you tell people to ignore Twitter at your own peril.

In the years since, I have become enamored with Twitter, like many people have, and have my own fairly decent following. Similarly, my pals here at Concur have a robust Twitter presence, using it to communicate with customers, share company news, share other valuable content, interact, and generally use social media the way it is intended to be used.

But many, many small businesses do not. In fact, the most recent statistic I saw on this issue indicated that only about 10% of small businesses use Twitter as part of their marketing mix. And that’s too bad too because – and take it from a die-hard convert – Twitter is an incredible tool for small business.

Here’s why you should tweet:”  (see the article)

Article: “Why Should Small Businesses Tweet?

This article is by Steve Strauss on the Insights Blog at Concur.