Brand Development, Paul Style.

Paul is a Web Content Specialist at Emerge2 Digital. As a graduate of Fanshawe College’s Radio Broadcasting program, Paul began his career at a London news station as a board operator. While studying web development part-time, he learned how to build full sites from the ground up and discovered a passion for writing.

Paul started writing blogs and articles for local businesses, covering a wide variety of subjects. As he developed his writing and digital marketing skills, he began guiding start-up businesses on how to build their online identities while implementing best SEO practices.

At Emerge2, Paul creates websites that reflect a company’s identity and provides the information that customers are looking for. Paul’s experience with brand development allows him to help our clients recognize their unique strengths through an online presence that serves the needs of their customers. He also contributes to the company blog.

When he isn’t building up someone’s online presence, Paul is running around with his two kids, writing, recording, and performing music.

You may work with Paul if you need content updated on your current website or if Emerge2 is creating a whole new website for your business.